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He hopes to explore the adaptation process of Syrian refugees to Canadian culture from a positive psychology perspective. The only way to graduate with Honors in Psychology is by doing an Honors Thesis. While she has enjoyed her employment opportunities thus far, she hopes to work towards becoming a teacher in the near future.

Kramer, Stephanie University of Oregon, Religious belief and attendance predict improved well-being at the individual level.

You must have and maintain a cumulative, institutional, and psychology GPA of 3. The objective is to examine and critique recent applications of the methods and theories of behaviour analysis in a range of settings to both prevent and change problems.

For psychology dissertation topics to base your dissertation on, see below: Calcott, Rebecca University of Oregon, A series of experiments investigated the relationship between locus coeruleus-norepinephrine LC-NE function and striatal dopamine DA tone and the flexibility of stability of cognitive control.

Brain and Cognition with a minor in Family and Child Studies.

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Traumatic Memories and Repression 19A Hamilton This paper examines topical issues in traumatic memory and repression by drawing on theory and research in psychological science.

Interviews will be scheduled in the last month of each Fall and Spring semester.

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Here are some ideas for psychology research topics that might help you out. At the time, Chardee was Project Coordinator for Dr. Make sure that you can form a good hypothesis on the topic you are selecting and you must choose a topic that has sufficient content easily available and accessible via online forums.

Students work in close collaboration with a professor to review the literature, devise hypotheses, design, carry out, and write up a research project.


You need JavaScript enabled to view it. She is also interested in researching topics related to immigrant health, particularly among women. How players learn from and influence others in relation to strategic thinking, and the implications for real-life social interaction.

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Moreover, you could profile a well-known psychologist and explore their theories or researches. What is the association between obesity and television? However, there has been almost no research examining the impact of acutely stressful Jonathan Ely Cass Jonathan Ely Cass completed his undergraduate honours degree in psychology, with distinction, in the fall of Ross, Robbie University of Oregon, Undergraduate psychology thesis in early childhood requires fluent cognitive control functioning and the ability to select and execute effective regulatory strategies across many new contexts including academics and social interactions.

The importance of feedback and cross-modulation in information processing. The Psychology of Criminal Conduct 19B Hamilton Over recent years correctional psychology has been developing into a specialised discipline with strong career paths for clinicians and researchers.

You are required to take additional upper-level courses in Psychology. As a Canadian from a diverse ethnic and religious background— composed of Armenian, French, Italian, Lebanese, and Jewish immigrants—Jonathan has first-hand experience with his main interests: Leadership and Change 19B Hamilton This paper focuses on the processes and outcomes of organisational change management, and the knowledge and skills required of organisational psychologists who function as organisational consultants.

You work under the supervision or direction of an Honors Thesis committee of at least two members. Students enrolled in the Undergraduate psychology thesis program PSYY also attend weekly meetings to discuss: Student-Faculty Collaboration Many of our psychology majors co-author, with faculty, papers that are published in peer-reviewed journals, including these recent examples: In fact, our undergraduate curriculum readies you for entry into a PhD program in clinical or counseling psychology.

The design and implementation of such programmes in practice is considered, and topics curr What are the psychological reasons behind depression?

Kirsten also worked on two other research projects concerning sexuality, focusing on sexual scripts i. Emphasis is placed on qualitative methods, collaborative approaches and evaluation as a strategy of incremental social change.

Influence of work environment on the motivation and self-esteem of workers Effect of counseling on the divorced individuals Impact of violent music on children How and why are psychologists involved in the military?

Symptoms, reasons of stress and how to manage it Is depression affected by gender? Ways of assessing welfare are examined.

Mendoza, Jennifer University of Oregon, Infants acculturate to their soundscape over the first year of life e. Her project focused on explaining the effects of culture on the brain by exploring how social norm violations are perceived at a neurobiological level between collectivistic and individualistic cultures.

For his undergraduate thesis, Jonathan assisted Professor Saba Safdar and her students in the development of a Subjective Meaning of the Islamic Veil SMIV scale, a research tool to better understand what the hijab and other religious clothing relating to the Muslim faith mean to Canadian women.

This module will cover topics relevant to students who wish to work as psychologists in applied settings, in particular, clinical, community and organisational settings and applied psychological What are the reasons behind long lasting marriages?

She is thrilled that The URJP still exists as an accessible platform for students to publish their work.Arizona State University Department of Psychology undergraduate students showed off their research findings to their peers, faculty and family at the annual Psychology Honor Theses Poster Session and Undergraduate Awards on April Best Undergraduate Thesis.

Biology M.S. (Non-Thesis for Educators) M.S. (Non-Thesis for Educators) The Master of Science program in Biology, which awards a Purdue University degree, requires 30. Nov 17,  · Example psychology dissertation topic 2: An examination of examination-related anxiety in final year university students.

This is a qualitative research based dissertation that brings together theory and observation. The Psychology Honors program in Psychology is a two-semester sequence offering advanced and highly motivated students additional academic challenges and an opportunity to engage in scholarly research under close faculty mentorship.

Thesis - Psychology (Undergraduate)

Psychology Building Busch Campus Undergraduate Advising at Tillett Hall Livingston Campus Addresses & Directions. The honors thesis may be an original or empirical study of a topic in psychology.


Style The thesis should be organized and written according to APA style, found in the APA Publication Manual.

Undergraduate psychology thesis
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