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The first part approaches the problem of modelling solvent effects for property calculations. A lack of function mutation in genes coding for NOX2 or its subunits cause a hereditary Teza de doctorat thesis called chronic granulomatous disease CGD.

The first event comprises perturbations of actin organization, alteration of the shape of mitochondria, and formation of hydrophobic bodies by 1-deoxy-sphinganine.

The experimental measurement of UV-vis absorption spectra can provide the information on the spectral region of the absorption of the sample.

In this case, LDH behaves as a polyelectrolyte and strongly adsorbs on the surface of the latex particles causing charge inversion.


Emission lifetime measurements were performed as a function of temperature and pressure. Finally, when chiral crown ethers are synthesized with certain fluorescent aromatic amides pyrene, perylene, NMI or fluorene derivativesa strong excimer fluorescence was measured due to the spatial proximity of the fluorescent arene moieties.

The investigation of these processes in real time has been realized using various time-resolved techniques, which permit monitoring process occurring on timescale ranging from a few tens of femtosecond to several hundreds of microseconds.


Symmetry breaking leads to the asymmetrical reactivity of the seemingly identical molecular branches that can be utilized to achieve asymmetrical intra- and intermolecular photochemistry. Part of the work is dedicated to characterize ordered molecular structures deposited on indium tin oxide ITOwhich is then used in a prototype device for solar energy conversion.

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Here, we investigated changes in the number of active mitochondria in the developing avian retinas, focusing on the conversion of progenitors into retinal ganglion cells RGCs. Most of the studies of cytokinetic mechanics focus on the equatorial constriction ring and the positioning of the spindle, however an actomyosin cortex is also present at the poles of dividing cells.

The doctoral thesis

The thesis should receive a report from two expert doctors from two different higher education institutions and research institutes outside the UdG by means of an anonymous review process. Eric Vauthey Excited-state dynamics in electron-donor-acceptor systems of increasing complexity archive ouverte unige: While there is a general trend toward fewer mitochondria when retinogenesis begins, cells that enter the RGC lineage, as well as newborn RGCs, recover the high number of active mitochondria that characterizes uncommitted retinal progenitors.

The Academic Committee of each doctoral programme may authorise an extension of this period when unforeseen circumstances occur. It may be a ruling on the entire thesis all of the publications submitted or a partial ruling. The negatively charged copolymer was able to induce charge neutralization followed eventually by significant charge inversion of the LDHs.

Formation of carbonyl or oxonium ylides and subsequent insertion reactions were studied, forming valuable heterocyclic compounds. We demonstrated that mir alters the expression of critical metabolic regulators of the liver to promote metabolic disorders induced by excessive energy intake in mouse, such as glucose intolerance, increased adiposity, hepatic insulin resistance and steatosis.

Hans Hagemann Experimental and theoretical studies of boron and hydrogen containing compounds in relation to potential hydrogen storage and ionic conduction applications archive ouverte unige: Importantly, both enzymes kept their native conformation, which was reflected as a preserved enzymatic activity upon immobilization.

The theoretical concepts are inspired from the mathematical graphs theory that facilitates the flexible and interactive description of the complex use cases. This process is allowed at interfaces but not in the bulk. High quality monitoring of relevant chemical species is crucial in order to predict and to be able to deal with the consequences of anthropogenic influences.

If the doctoral student does not attend the act for the defence of the thesis without any justified reason, the mark no apte fail will be recorded in the corresponding act.de w, y la o populatie de s r r.

r r r. În regiunea europeană WHO (World Health Organisation) numărul cumulativ al infecțiilor diagnosticate a crescut la s. y s w. u v v.

Aportul metodelor electrofiziologice în diagnosticul şi tratamentul sindroamelor de preexcitatie

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It is a pleasure to thank the many people how made this thesis possible. First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest thanks to my supervisor Prof.

Dr. An article-based thesis essentially consists of a set of scholarly articles in which the doctoral candidate has participated significantly. If you wish to submit an article-based thesis, you must satisfy the conditions outlined in the specific regulations for the doctoral programme The submission of an article-based thesis is not permitted on doctoral programmes that do not have their own.

PROTECȚIA INFRASTRUCTURILOR CRITICE – MODELAREA BAZATĂ PE OBIECT - rezumat teza de doctorat (Critical Infrastructures Protection - Object-Oriented Modelling - Executive summary PhD Thesis). Habilitation Thesis. Teza de Abilitare. GRAPHICAL PROGRAMMING IN MEDICINE, POWER ELECTRONICS AND MODERN EDUCATION.

PROGRAMARE GRAFIC. Teza de abilitare prezintă pe scurt activitatea mea de cercetare, după ce teza de doctorat a fost prezentată în decembriela Universitatea Politehnica din Timișoara. Teza. The thesis is structured on 3 parts, as follows: Part I presents the situation of the theme in specialty literature, which provides the fundamental and scientific background of the research.

Teza de doctorat thesis
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