Pre spanish government

Kris Guico Relief Outstanding physical features of the Philippines include the irregular configuration of the archipelago, the coastline of some 22, miles 36, kmthe great extent of mountainous country, the narrow and interrupted coastal plains, the generally northward trend of the river systems, and the spectacular lakes.

Each barangay was ruled by a datu or village chief who was also known as raha or rajah. The islands spread out in the shape of a triangle, with those south of Palawanthe Sulu Archipelagoand the island of Mindanao outlining from west to east, respectively its southern base and the Batan Islands to the north of Luzon forming its apex.

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He was the one responsible for the interests of his people. Although the Republican government hadsuspected a plot and attempted to separate and banish suspectedleaders, their actions were not as thorough as needed and importantwarnings were not acted upon.

Had the Spanish come a century later or had their motives been strictly commercial, Filipinos today might be a predominantly Muslim people. Gas and ash rising from Mount Pinatubo, central Luzon, Philippines, just prior to eruption in June The Audiencias and the Viceroyalties who handled administrative matters.

Historians believed that Maragtas Code was written by Datu Sumakwel. It was an independent settlement consisting of thirty to one hundred families usually situated along a river bank or at the mouth of a river spilling out to the sea. Features of the different regional vernacular architectures took then the protagonism.

The evolution of the style passed through three phases. The archipelago stretches about 1, miles 1, km from north to south, and its widest east-west extent, at its southern base, is some miles 1, km. TaytayTaytay, Palawan island, Philippines. Only in the mountains of northern Luzonwhere elaborate rice terraces were built some 2, years ago, were livelihood and social organization linked to a fixed territory.

The country was wracked by political turmoil in the last quarter of the 20th century. Very close to the museum, Villanueva built the Astronomical Observatory.

What are the structure of the pre-spanish government? The islands are composed primarily of volcanic rock and coral, but all principal rock formations are present.

They also wear gold bracelets, earring and necklaces. It was constructed before the main works of Michelangelo and Palladio. Even more than its Spanish counterpart, American Baroque developed as a style of stucco decoration.

The very influence and mystical ability of the babaylan, especially if he was a man, made him the most likely candidate for community leadership. Page 1 of Would you like to merge this question into it?

There are altogether about 50 volcanoes, of which more than 10 are known to be active. Architects focused in choosing which was the most appropriated historical style for each use or occasion.

The Sierra Madre, extending along the Pacific coast from northern to central Luzon, is the longest mountain range in the country. Along with changes in religious beliefs and practices came new political and social institutions. During the wet season, rainfall is heavy in all parts of the archipelago except for an area extending southward through the centre of the Visayan group to central Mindanao and then southwestward through the Sulu Archipelago; rain is heaviest along the eastern shores facing the Pacific Ocean.

Then, Filipinos were very hospitable.Feb 06,  · Pre-Spanish Period The Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia that was subjected to Western colonization before it had the opportunity to develop either a centralized government ruling over a large territory or a dominant culture.

Sports and recreation. A number of sports introduced by the Americans in the early 20th century enjoy great popularity in the Philippines. Basketball is particularly prominent, with amateur games occurring regularly in neighbourhoods throughout the country.

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The Barangay during pre-Hispanic to Spanish Era

Philippines: Philippines, island country of Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of some 7, islands and islets lying about miles ( km) off the coast of Vietnam. Manila is the capital, but nearby Quezon City is the country’s most-populous city. Free Essay: Education in the Philippines changed radically, and was before patterned from both of educational systems of Spain and the United States.

Pre spanish government
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