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The formal system of communication within this traditional organization system is for instructions to flow from the top levels of command down, and for information on activities and impact to flow from the lowest level upward.

Second, many believe that the fragmented nature of the American policing system results in poor communication, coordination, and cooperation between police agencies. The next level down from the Top Level is the Middle Management.

The following section examines two of these: They must also actively demonstrate their commitment to this new philosophy, by setting the example. Ideally, they should be able to track crime trends or trends in calls or disorder as they evolve.

Police Management Essays

Finally, rising crime rates during the s also began to cast doubts on the effectiveness of the police. FTOs assess whether recruits are able to conduct routine police activities skillfully and Police organisational management essay.

Those who are qualified can usually find much higher-paying positions in the private sector. The spread of the organization within its jurisdiction. Private Police and Industrial Security; Police: Community policing is a comprehensive reform movement that has been defined a number of ways.

Tell us what you need to have done now! Police administrators now obtain degrees in business administration and public administration.


Some agencies maintain centralized control over access to information, while others have adopted integrated management systems that can be accessed by law enforcement officials at any level from patrol officer to chief. For instance, former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, one of the most well known police executives in the nation, claims that he had "become a staunch advocate of using private-sector business practices and principles for the management of the NYPD, even using the business term 'reengineered' rather than the public policy term 'reinventing' government" p.

Courts did not devote much energy toward scrutiny of the police. The majority are general-purpose agencies with responsibility for patrolling a certain area, responding to calls from citizens, and investigating certain offenses.

Two techniques used to minimize the fragmentation are contracting services out between law enforcement agencies and forming mutual aid agreements that allow officers from neighboring agencies to render assistance as needed. They are not always liked by the other officers, but whether they like it or not they have to listen to them because they are in a position of power and can affect the job.

While there were some successes, the process of change has been described as painful and tumultuous: This is known as contingency theory, and it is the framework for the following discussion.

Ostrom, Elinor, and Smith, Dennis C. For instance, Patrick Murphy, former police commissioner in several American cities, once wrote that many communities are policed by a farcical little collection of untrained individuals who are really nothing more than guards.

Adapting Traditional Police Organizational Structure Essay Sample

The notion that a police officer develops his or her own "working personality" is in stark contrast to the image of a police officer as an automaton, responding impartially to every situation according to the letter of the law.Police management refers to the administrative activities of coordinating, controlling and directing police resources, activities and personnel.

A police department's management style is the way. Diploma In Police Service Leadership And Management Management Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, mission statements are used as "guides in times of uncertainty and vagueness" (candidate support pack, organisational management) during times of change.

This style is synonymous with such an organisation like the police. papers at this workshop, I take the domain of police organization and management to include how to staff, structure, direct, and equip public (local) police organizations.

1 I have been asked specifically to cover the topics of recruitment, training, structure and. This essay discusses the effects of the police organizational culture on a Police officer’s ability to make independent decisions.

Every culture is composed of four elements: “values, norms, beliefs, and expressive symbols” (Peterson,p. ). Adapting Traditional Police Organizational Structure Essay Sample. Adapting Traditional Police Organizational Structure to Accommodate Community Oriented Policing The changing face of society is forcing many police organizations to make many changes in the way they run, organize and structure their departments.

Chapters Four through Six of Police Administration cover management theories and leadership styles and how they impact police organization.


Imagine you are the head of a law enforcement organization. Address the following as they relate to management theory, leadership, and your department.

Police organisational management essay
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