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Allow the user to configure the text size on an element level i. The rationale behind the guideline and identification of some groups of users who benefit from it. Content type labels zero or more.

User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 0

However, this document does not purport to be a complete guide to good software design. The requirements of this document interact with those of the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1. Allow the user to choose from among the same range of positions available to the author e.

This document explains the responsibilities of user agents in meeting the needs of users with disabilities.

Enable control of each independent source recognized as distinct. Content type labels are explained in the section on conformance. This checkpoint applies to content that is rendered automatically or on request from the user. Some known limitations of this document include the following: However, these requirements do not account for every user interface component that the author may affect e.

Since the user agent can reflow the text after resizing the font, the rendered text will become more legible without, for example, distorting bitmap images. The statement of the guideline.

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User style sheets allow such detailed configurations. When changing the rate of audio, avoid pitch distortion.

Refer also to checkpoint 3. For instance, HTML user agents may allow the user to change the font size of a particular piece of text e. Please see the section on checkpoint applicability for more information about what the user agent is expected to recognize. The "user agent" may consist of more than one software component, as explained in the section on well-formed conformance claims.

This document allows a certain amount of flexibility in the features a user agent must support in order to conform. Some content lends itself to different forward and reverse functionalities. Allow the user to override author-specified font families with differing levels of detail.

This document only includes requirements for keyboard, pointing device, and voice input modalities. A format may lack features required for accessibility. The user agent should display time codes or represent otherwise position in content to orient the user.

To ensure device-independence, allow the user to enter the screen coordinates of one corner of the caption. Implement the 'font-size' property in CSSsection Inherit text size information from user preferences specified for the operating system. Some requirements of this document take these limitations into account.

A "content or user agent or both" label indicating whether the requirements of the checkpoint must be satisfied for content only, for user agent features only, or for both.

Benefits of accessible user agent design Many users without disabilities are likely to benefit from the requirements developed to benefit users with disabilities. No format allows authors to encode all of their knowledge in a way that a user agent can recognize.

A user agent designer may not implement a format specification correctly or completely. In addition to the techniques below, refer also to the section on user control of style. These clauses make additional requirements of authors in order to compensate for some limitations of deployed user agents.

See the section on restricted functionality and conformance. The choice of optimal techniques depends in part on which markup language is being used.

User agents should allow global control of volume through available system-level controls. Allow the user to configure the text size differently for different scripts i.Aug 24,  · Stiller Spectre Krieger Heavy Palma 27” APA Little Bastard II KRG W3 Folder Tubb T7T $ Menu.

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Techniques for User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 0

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Krieger phi208 w3 post 3
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