Harin fernando business plan

Prior to dealing in spare parts, my grandfather would purchase oranges from the Bibile township and transport these to Colombo.


Orange is proud to have served the nation in this regard, as a promoter of electrical safety. Business is a cycle. We need to develop practical methods of disposing CFL waste and then we could all avoid contamination and try and then help reduce the burden placed on the world's resources.

In this regard we carry out regular development and training programmes where we reinforce the right practices that are to be adhered to when undertaking electrical installations.

After many attempts, we have mastered what we need to do.

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Orange switches are designed to last a lifetime, thus we will only sell to a customer once. In the same vein, I would like to stress that those Sri Lankans who go overseas should develop themselves as entrepreneurs, make their fortune, and then reinvest back in Sri Lanka.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs? Today, we import mainly plastic powder and brass strips and coils, given the lack of these raw materials in Sri Lanka. Lots of Sri Lankan companies do not give a shot at going international.

Your local manufacturing operations? So I shared with everyone my thoughts: We are, today, also involved in a joint venture with a British concern where we manu-facture switches and sockets for the UK market.

To quench the thirst of his network, my grandfather also began importing spare parts directly from Europe. It was at this point that my father di-vested from appliances and moved into electrical accessories using the then existing Phillip's dealer network.

We had a very open and trust-worthy culture and it was this trust that saw many individuals standing by me in order to achieve our goals. This was mainly an assembly operation with some basic moulding as well. Everybody has to be passionate about what they are doing.

At that time, we were doing very little manufacturing with only assembly work taking place. It began with a small assembly line and then the company evolved over time. However, we still have issues over the fact that whether Government authorities are fully prepared to be digitised.

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Business is a cycle. Due to the monopoly, several important steps have been delayed. Also important is that you must never copy what someone else is doing.

When we commenced our lighting business, we understood that it would provide the consumer an interaction with the brand on a regular basis due to eventual replacement.

His truck would often suffer breakdowns, and because of a lack of spare parts in the town of Matara, my grandfather soon established a booming spare parts enterprise in the town.But, the business plan kind of stuff, the “I’ll grow my business by % this quarter and optimise my marketing by ” stuff makes an awful lot less sense for a small or solo creative operation than it does for big corporate businesses.

Jun 21,  · Sri Lanka Parliament MP Harin Fernando on Colomobo Port City the minister replied that the particular investment was a business proposal by the.

LONDON, 6 MAY – The Honourable Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure of Sri Lanka has welcomed the vision outlined in the Strategic Plan for – of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO).

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Jun 26,  · Harin Fernando Speaks at the Launch of Marketing & Business STRATEGY by Lewie Diasz. Order of Business of Parliament; Sitting Days and Hours; Rules for Parliament Debates; How to Vote?

Purposes of Voting; Adjournment Motions - Introduction; Home Members of Parliament Directory of Members Harin Fernando. Hon. Harin Fernando, M.P. Party. United National Party (UNP) Portfolio.


Harin Fernando, MP (born on 28 October ) is a Sri Lankan politician. He is a current member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka from Badulla District.

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and the cabinet minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure of the United National Party Alma mater: St. Joseph's College.

Harin fernando business plan
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