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Article 3 The Measure applies to the registration, numbering, printing, application for and the administration of the barcode for commodity within the territory of the PRC. A good policy is presenting a symbolic gift to the company, in which case it's presented to the most senior person available.

It is also adjacent to eight nations in the ocean. Article 16 The enterprise engaged in the barcode for commodity printing business may submit to working organ of barcode application for printing qualification.

Ease of doing business index (1=most business-friendly regulations)

Expats should take every precaution not to publicly Doing business with china anyone. Bright colours are inappropriate and modesty is key. There are four municipalities directly under central government administration, 23 provinces, five autonomous regions and two special administrative regions.

Article 8 The BANCC shall finish the preliminary examination of the applying materials as provided by the applicant within 5 workdays. The official policy in Chinese business etiquette forbids gifts. JVs are often established when companies enter industries that are required by law to have a local partner or are still heavily controlled by the government.

Its economy has grown rapidly over the past two decades.


This often-misunderstood concept is crucial in Chinese business culture, and naturally it takes time for the parties build guanxi.

It requires no memorization, little thinking and less room for misinterpretation or mistakes. Ensure cards include business title, as well as a Chinese translation on one side of the card. Factors for which China scored badly include dealing with construction Doing business with china thstarting a business thand paying taxes st.

Use of data transferred internationally is confined to the reasons contained in this document. Therefore, if a Vice President of a Chinese company were present at a meeting, it would be expected that a Vice President or an equivalent person from the opposite company to attend. The printing enterprise obtaining the printing qualification may obtain the barcode for commodity printing business in priority.

The most rampant ones in South China are multi-level marketing scams, which are illegal. Do not discuss business during the meal. Although many internet users in China were already using MSN messenger and Hotmail email services, the launch of MSN China aimed to give them a stronger user experience by creating a portal specifically focused on Chinese users source: Demand for qualified workers has increased, meaning companies must compete for the best talent.

North American businesses coming into China need to be adaptable. Article 32 Any entity or individual shall not use the deregistered company prefix and corresponding barcode without authorization.

Learn from Microsoft’s struggle doing business in China

The State Council, for example, published less than 15 percent of its own rules in It is not uncommon that people will begin working on a project before they understand the details or complexities.

Hierarchy Hierarchy and seniority are also key elements of Chinese business culture. A government that is uncomfortably imposing for many Westerners and a sometimes debilitating language barrier are too much for some to cope with and many expats leave before their contracts expire.

The UK is one of the top European investors into China and Chinese investment into the UK has increased dramatically in recent years to establish the UK as one of the top destinations in Europe. For these reasons, we inform you of its policy of data protection so that you may voluntarily determine whether you wish to supply your personal details to BSM.

While in the West it is commonly believed that one should not mix business and personal lives, in China such activities are considered necessary to strengthen and build a sincere business relationship.

A pocket guide to doing business in China

That being said, setting predefined expectations of how the project will be run ahead of time will help local vendors grow accustomed to differences in doing business with a company from a different country.

Despite the downsides, the number of foreign workers in the country has been steadily increasing over the past two decades as more expats arrive to chase success in China. The Chinese central government is working to lessen the number of approvals required, but so far has made little progress, according to USCBC.

When doing so, cards should be held firmly so that the person receiving it must tug it to receive it. Article 17 The printing enterprise shall print the barcode for commodity in accordance with relevant state standard and assure the printing quality of the barcode for commodity.

This is slowly changing as western lifestyle is influencing Chinese culture. The translations have consistently been to the highest standard and they always respond to enquiries in a prompt and timely manner.Follow Doug Young's exclusive observations and analyses on foreigners' life and business in China, including Sino-US trade war's impact, employment, and more.

China’s economic dominance aside, while doing business in China may be an alluring idea, the practicalities of entering the Chinese market remain challenging.

Prepared by UHY’s member firms, each ‘Doing Business’ guide covers country specific business information you need to consider should you wish to pursue business interests there. Ease of Doing Business in China | Data | Chart | Calendar China is ranked 78 among economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings.

The rank of China remained unchanged at 78 in from 78 in For Western businesses, doing business in China requires careful navigation of the cultural differences between China and the West. There are plenty for reasons for Westerners to do business in China.

Doing business the Chinese way

Doing business in China online: The most comprehensive guide to digital marketing in China - Kindle edition by Val Kaplan.

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Doing business with china
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