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The state of the art Lang Performing Arts Center and our spacious dance studios are always buzzing with concerts and rehearsals. US College Search strives to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on schools throughout the US.

The Dance faculty at Boyer are leaders College dance programs the field with extensive professional backgrounds. Research the schools that interest you and be sure that their programs include the style of dance that most interests you.

The NC School of the Arts is primarily known for its classical and modern ballet programs. There are a number of excellent colleges available to dance performance majors in the US, however, a few of them stand out among others. Because they know who I train with, they had high expectations of me.

Here are a few things to consider before picking one. Unlike most other universities, Oklahoma City University's resident dance company performs shows reminiscent of the spectacular Radio City Music Hall.

Dance Program

Career options for professional dancers are quite diverse. We offer special scholarships for our majors and minors to study specific styles with some of the finest master teachers and choreographers in Philadelphia or develop as art activists through immersion in an international or local community.

He is an amazing dance teacher who pulls the best out of you. All ages are welcome. Dominican University of California Location: Come join the journey!

The NC School of the Arts is primarily known for its classical and modern ballet programs. The nation's dozens of excellent university dance programs make it difficult for dancers and educators to select the top Dance majors are often up as early as 5am on a daily basis, attending rehearsals, ballet class, auditions, and choreographing for the big stage for a number of campus auditions.

Most Popular Schools for General Dance Major & Degree Program

Free and open to the public. In addition to our course load, we often had long hours of practice and rehearsals, irregular hours when working with others and scheduling around other responsibilities… Dance is a very personal form of expression and to create, explore and grow you need a safe and supportive environment.

Sophomores are eligible for summer funding only if they apply to and are accepted into the major or minor. A top quality, selective college for dance performance, Southern Methodist University is a premiere college for aspiring performers throughout the globe. Located in Winston-Salem, this school is attached to the University of North Carolina, allowing students the freedom to pursue a double major with the university in conjunction with their dance degree.

The school places a large focus on giving its students a chance at making a successful career in the arts.

Check Out The 10 Best Colleges For Dance Performance In the US

Academic Support Academic classes are taught by Professors, not teaching assistants, and the college has an extensive program for students learning English or requiring remedial work. There are four wings per side with ample backstage space.

Boston, MA Under the direction of the esteemed dancer and pedagogue Cathy Young, who has taught classes at over 30 colleges throughout the entire US, the Boston Conservatory is among the finest schools for dance performance in the US.

In recognition that we experience through the body, the programs encourage students to consider how bodies in motion contribute to knowledge, transform our social world and facilitate community engagement.Emory University.

A part of the College of Arts and Sciences, Emory's departments of theater and dance have separate programs, each offering a major and minor with the opportunity for students to take classes in the other art form.

The Chaffey College Dance Program, as part of the school of Visual and Performing Arts, offers a curriculum for students interested in becoming a dance major, or for non-majors, earning an Associate of Arts degree in Dance, and/or transferring to a UC/CSU University or other institution.

The goal of the B.F.A. program is to develop dancers who are prepared for success in a variety of careers within the field of dance. The B.F.A. program in Dance is based in modern dance technique and choreography, but with a broad curriculum that includes course requirements in ballet and African dance, and offers electives in a range of styles.

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Check Out The 10 Best Colleges For Dance Performance In the US

Texas A&M Collegiate Summer Dance Intensive is designed to provide serious dancers with the opportunity to prepare for dance at the collegiate and pre-professional level, as well as gain insight into campus life and the Dance Science Program at Texas A&M University. Our dance program offers dynamic, student-centered classes in a variety of dance techniques and traditions including Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Improvisation and Ballroom with leading instructors from the Portland Dance Community.

Dance theory courses are also offered online and at .

College dance programs
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